Research Writing Rewired

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In our networked world, the research writing process that we once learned has become obsolete. 3x5 cards and outlines are giving way to bibliographic management tools and mind mapping software. Moreover, students are now able to engage in the research process by reading and evaluating the work of others while simultaneously using the technology in their pockets to do their own primary research. In this workshop, we will step into a high school language arts classroom where students generate their own inquiry questions, explore a variety of texts -- from novels to non-fiction, from podcasts to photographs -- and, through their work, rewire the research process.

Why "Rewire" the Research Process?

  • "Googling" is considered research
  • Citing a variety of (credible?) sources, or just say they got it on Google
  • Wikipedia?
  • "Rushing" the research
  • "Checklist" mentality
  • The amount of information is too much, how to synthesize?
  • What is credible and what is not?
  • Googling... copy/paste mentality
  • Innovative approach/new angle
  • Thinking about a new way to teach kids (moving beyond the notecards)
  • Trying to teach in-text citations to middle school students (MLA, APA)?
  • Curiosity -- how can we help students learn to dig deep, to ask questions
  • The blessing and the curse of the Internet (and so much information)
  • How do we rank and prioritize?
  • Thinking about the implications of the research -- how can we end with more questions than answers?
  • Thinking outside the internet "box" -- when, where how, who?
  • How are kids reading when most of their reading is digital?
  • How do we read digitally -- and, what genres "count" when it comes to any kinds of reading? Visual, video, live events?

Putting Our Writing Principles Into Practice (Preface, p. xxvii)
Putting Our Writing Principles Into Practice (Preface, p. xxvii)

Thinking Through a Cultural Lens

What it says?
Her traditional dress

The video (girl/boy gender roles)
Yes, there are some differences, but there is more blending than we know
Her traditional dress
She refuted the idea that women are oppressed by the dress; empowerment
Female directors
In our culture, women directors are at an all time low

Power of film
Power/empowerment; limiting factor or not; cultural norms

Leadership for women, women as leaders
Reaching back for history
What could we reach back for

Language and literacy
Museum leaders
Men in the West, Women in the Middle East

Good way to start the conversation; tradition and self-expression

Preserving culture and production of new culture
National identify and dialogue

Video Viewing/Cultural Analysis

  • In order to understand the remix, you need to see the original -- chronology, organization matter
  • If you see something out of context, it has different meanings
  • "In the know..." "Out of the loop..."
  • Understanding Disney as part of the culture and your expectations of their films
  • Power of juxtaposing the images and music
  • The very quick cuts to get "just the right" image, power of music
  • We have to be careful when the perspective of the author is different from our own
  • Power of perspective and context
  • Taking an individual snapshot and now watching the original
  • Cultural agreements ("ominous" = scary)
  • What does this say about our culture and to make a happy movie and make it sad?
  • The archetype of the "evil" child

What's Different

  • Building up from blogging, into more formal writing and multimedia work
  • AP Language Curriculum -- audience, process
  • Students are attempting to be intertextual connecting books, film, non-fiction, images
  • Connecting the classic to the contemporary
  • Looking at the duality -- how does something work on both positive/negative (nuance)
  • Compiled many different images with positive and negative
  • We can easily look at things and we take them for granted -- I know to look for certain things based on experiences and assumption
  • Meta - could we exchange artifacts and look at something from a different perspective
  • I have more questions...
  • Different ways to gain information
  • Texts can both reveal and conceal at the same time

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