UCTE Conference

November 13, 2015

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Revising words, sentences, and paragraphs presents a challenge to any writer, from novice to expert. When we add in components of digital writing such as images, audio, and video, the task becomes even more complex. In this session, we will explore how looking closely at students' work can lead us to consider new approaches and opportunities for teaching revision in multimedia environments. Additionally, we will discuss the ways in which the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing and the National Writing Project's Domains for Multimodal Writing Assessment can provide new lenses for teaching, revising, and assessing our students' digital writing.

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Resources on Digital Is

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Crafting a Web-Based Text

Crafting Digital Writing Companion Wiki Page

As you read the three examples in the Hyperlinked Paragraph, consider:
  • Where do each of the links lead to?
  • How do you think that the student writer chose those links?
  • Considering the rhetorical situation, why do you think that the student chose the links? What goal is he/she trying to accomplish by using the links?
  • For you, as a reader, are the links effective? Do they work well with the writer's argument? Why or why not?

Student 1
  • School personnel, politicians
  • Change school lunch, but changing in a smart way
  • Focused, serious
Student 2
  • Parents (parents blog, Pizza Hut)
  • Change school lunch
  • Provacateur, sarcastic
Student 3
  • Peers, lunch lady
  • Gross out!
  • Cultures
  • Wordly, culture

Crafting a Multimedia Book Response

Crafting a Video Text

As we watch Katie's PSA, consider:
  • What media elements (voice, text, images, video, transitions) does she choose to integrate? For what effect?
  • To what extent is Katie's argument about teens and alcohol similar to/different from more mainstream arguments?
  • For you, as a viewer, what is the overall effect of this video-based argument? Is it effective? Why or why not?