North Palos Workshop

May 13, 2016

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Capturing Our Thinking

  • Intention, Deliberation, Creativity; Author's Craft; MAPS

Crafting a Web-Based Text

Crafting Digital Writing Companion Wiki Page

As you read the three examples in the Hyperlinked Paragraph, consider:
  • Where do each of the links lead to?
  • How do you think that the student writer chose those links?
  • Considering the rhetorical situation, why do you think that the student chose the links? What goal is he/she trying to accomplish by using the links?
  • For you, as a reader, are the links effective? Do they work well with the writer's argument? Why or why not?

School Lunch
Student 1
  • The NSLP is a reliable source, does not fit the purpose
  • This link is too vague
  • Great resource to start somewhere
  • Liked the link to the data on pizza nutrition label
  • Shows that it is not healthy
  • Would hope that the student was verifying the information
  • The fruit ends up in the trash (is it good to include fruit?)
Student 2
  • The audience was parents, aimed to them
  • Including the Pizza Hut example is appealing to a parent
  • Advertisement?
  • They rushed through -- fruit snacks are just candy
  • "Made with fruit"
Student 3
  • Appeal in a visual sense for the reader -- doesn't totally fit with the claim
  • Maybe trying to inform the reader on school lunches around the world
  • The information seemed irrelevant
  • Example
  • Example

As a digital writer, I am feeling...
As a digital writer, I am thinking/doing...
  • Challenged x 2
  • Goal-oriented
  • Deepened
  • Interest
  • Motivated
  • Overwhelmed
  • Purposeful
  • Interested
  • Curious
  • Absorbed
  • Engrossed
  • Intriguing
  • Excited
  • Overwhelmed x 2
  • Delighted
  • Reflect on audience
  • All of the above, and slow
  • Engaged
  • Guided
  • Pressured
  • Engaged
  • Fun
  • Committed
  • Nervous
  • Perfectionist
  • Determined
  • Writing
  • Searching
  • Distinguishing
  • Evaluating
  • Analyzing
  • Collaborating
  • Revising
  • Comparing
  • Defining

Crafting a Hyperlinked Text Activity

Crafting a Multimedia Book Response

  • Guiding Student Writers as They Work with Digital Tools
  • Goals/Rationale
    • To entertain her peers and to recommend the book; to get them excited about reading it
    • To be creative; she gave a reason for everything that she chose, including the template and the video
    • To include a balance of multimedia and text
  • Evidence of reading
    • Showed the setting with the template/background (middle school)
    • Listed the author, illustrator, the images
    • She alluded to the things that happened in the book (zipped the lip)
    • Told the jokes
  • Assessment
    • Could have a formal essay
    • Script for her movie
    • Graphic organizer
    • Storyboard of her plan
    • Rubric and reflection on the story elements
  • Possible Tools
As a digital writer, I am feeling...
As a digital writer, I am...
  • Frustration
  • For a student, they would need to brainstorm on paper
  • Engaged
  • Appreciating the choice
  • Easy way to get some lower-level learners engaged
  • Differentiate
  • Creative
  • Searches images
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Contextualizing
  • Representing
  • Evaluating

Crafting a Video Text

Bengali-American Identity
Old Blair Auditorium

As we watch Katie's PSA, consider:
  • What media elements (voice, text, images, video, transitions) does she choose to integrate? For what effect?
  • To what extent is Katie's argument about teens and alcohol similar to/different from more mainstream arguments?
  • For you, as a viewer, what is the overall effect of this video-based argument? Is it effective? Why or why not?

Possible Tools:


As a digital writer, I am feeling...
As a digital writer, I am...
  • Example
  • Example

Connected Reading: Apps and Approaches for Digital Texts

external image 08376c.jpg
external image 08376c.jpg
As we adopt smartphones and tablets for 1:1 instruction, we need to review our efforts at comprehension instruction for all kinds of digital texts. Based on a survey of over 800 adolescents, we will discuss principles of "Connected Reading" and how we can adapt existing comprehension strategies in digital spaces, as well as explore new opportunities for finding, managing, and reflecting on digital texts.

Connected Reading Wiki

With print reading, what do we know? What are we comfortable with?
With digital, what don't we know? What are we uncomfortable with?
  • With technical reading, it is easier to do on paper
  • For sequencing, it is easier to have the book in your hand
  • Smell and feel of books
  • Difficult to pace themselves
  • Light, reflection, etc
  • Screen... touch

Examining Texts that are "Born Digital"

  • How would we teach students to read/write a print version of non-fiction text?
  • What specific strategies would we use?
  • What text features would we discuss?
  • As we examine the Snowfall interactive story, how can we adapt these strategies using digital tools?
  • Have them examine headings, images, captions, labels, charts, maps
  • Predict, ask questions, summarize, context, clues
SnagIt Extension

Capturing Our Thinking