From Texting to Teaching

10:00 AM, Thursday March 16

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Feedback to Feedforward: 5 Tools to Keep Students Moving Ahead with Their Writing

2:30 PM, Thursday March 16

We’ve known in our heads and hearts -- and recent research has shown it to be true -- that timely, personalized, and goal-oriented feedback is crucial to students’ success. Given the vast number of technologies that we can choose in order to communicate with students -- from voice comments in the margins to screencasts of us reviewing their work -- this session will explore 5 interactive tools that can help us offer feedback in the most efficient manner.

  • Identify Hattie & Timperley’s three guiding questions for effective feedback (“Where am I going?”; “How am I going?”; “Where to next?”) as well as Wray’s RISE model for offering meaningful feedback (Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, Elevate).
  • Access/download 5 websites/applications specifically designed to offer written, oral, and visual feedback.
  • Understand how feedback keeps students engaged in their relationship to the content and the instructor.

Resources from the Session