Making the Most of a Text Book Zero Class

  • Generally, don't want to read a "long" text on a device
  • There is a lot of distraction
  • You can just wander in a book
  • Using imagination
  • Tactile
  • No batteries
  • Search features
  • Need something small, quick
  • Enhanced with video or other media
  • Search features

What do we know about what good readers do?
How can this tool help us create stronger readers?
  • Analyzing different segments of the text
  • Fact vs opinion
  • Ask questions of the text
  • Allow students to cite the text
  • Make connections, apply prior knowledge
  • Higher-level
  • Highlight and offer a comment
    • Reply and have a conversation
  • Highlight in different colors
  • Email updates
  • Holds them accountable
PDF Annotation
  • Good readers have a conversation with the text, ask themselves their own questions
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing
  • Close reading and analysis of a text
  • Group collaboration
  • Highlight specific text and making them connect to something in the text, not just be general
  • Comments/questions
  • Seeing what other collaborators are adding as notes (homework check)
  • Allows for discussions
Google Docs
  • Summarize
  • Ask questions
  • Conversation
  • Diverse perspectives on the topic
  • You can write on the doc or with comments
  • See people's thoughts emerging
  • Collaboration

Resources for the Presentation

  • NowComment Sample Docs
Group 1 Doc
Group 2 Doc
Group 3 Doc
Group 4 Doc
Group 5 Doc
Group 6 Doc
Group 7 Doc
Group 8 Doc
Group 9 Doc
Group 10 Doc

Additional Resources