HCTE Conference

February 14, 2015
“Falling in Love with Digital Writing & High-Leverage Teaching Tools & Practices”
Integrating CCSS, Writing Workshop, & Practical Applications of Digital Technologies

Raising Digital Writers

"21st-century literacies" are well over a decade old, yet in what ways do we really invite our students to be collaborative, creative, and conscientious writers with the digital tools they have in their pockets and at their fingertips? Through examples and conversation, we'll explore the latest apps, websites, strategies, and examples of children's work so that we can thoughtfully engage our students, K-12, in the craft of digital writing. Focus on (CCSS) informational and/or persuasive/argumentative writing.

Digital Writing Workshop Wiki

  • PDF of Table 1: Elements of Author’s Craft and Genre Study
CDW - Author's Craft.pdf
CDW - Author's Craft.pdf
CDW - Author's Craft.pdf

  • PDF of Table 2: Additional Elements of Author’s Craft in Digital Writing
CDW - Digital Craft.pdf
CDW - Digital Craft.pdf
CDW - Digital Craft.pdf

Crafting a Web-Based Text

As you read the three examples in the Hyperlinked Paragraph, consider:
  • Where do each of the links lead to?
  • How do you think that the student writer chose those links?
  • Considering the rhetorical situation, why do you think that the student chose the links? What goal is he/she trying to accomplish by using the links?
  • For you, as a reader, are the links effective? Do they work well with the writer's argument? Why or why not?

Creating your own Web-Based Text

Crafting a Multimedia Presentation

MiddleWeb Article: Guiding Student Writers as They Work with Digital Tools

Exploring Opportunities with Digital Video

Blending words, images, and music, writers can now compose digital videos with increasing ease. In this session, we will explore a variety of apps and websites for composing videos of various genres including digital stories, public service announcements, and book commercials. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, there are many ways you -- and your students -- can create a digital video project to share your vision with the world.



Creating Your Own Personal Learning Network

Building your own PLN (personal learning network) has become one of the most effective ways to engage in professional development. How can social networking tools such as Twitter help you become a better teacher? In what ways can you utilize the power of RSS feeds to create up-to-date newsmagazines with Feedly or Flipboard? Bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to this session to find out and sign up for these free services!



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