Chicago Metro Area English Department Chairs

November 7, 2014

Mixing Sources, Amplifying Voices: Crafting Writing in an Information Age

As the inputs continue to multiply, how can we help students find, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources? More importantly, how can we help them craft digital writing in effective ways, utilizing the information that they have found to develop multimedia texts? Bring your favorite device, because in this interactive keynote we will explore a variety of web-based tools and mobile applications to help students mix together a variety of sources and amplify their digital voices.

Connections and Possibilities
  • Audience and purpose
    • How do we "layer" the work to help them reach the right people with the right message?
    • Bringing in the second M -- what can the media allow us to do with our work?
  • Pathway to production -- try different ideas
  • Choosing and audience as a creative act, going beyond the usual audience
  • Deliberate do -- doing things on purpose, for a particular reason
  • How might we use this as a way to organize sources?
  • Using hyperlinks and embedding ideas

Crafting Digital Writing Companion Wiki Page

Link to Google Doc with Sample Text
  • The links made it seem informational, but not argumentative
  • If you are going to send us to a link, you better tell us why you are going there
  • Thinking about the idea of a quotation sandwich -- set it up and explain it
  • Let the readers know that this is going to go to an example or study...
  • If you are going to go somewhere else, let the reader know

Guiding Student Writers as They Work with Digital Tools