CharEm ISD

August 21, 2013
Troy Hicks

Crafting Digital Writing

As the inputs continue to multiply, how can we help students find, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources? More importantly, how can we help them craft digital writing in effective ways, utilizing the information that they have found to develop multimedia texts? Bring your favorite device, because in this interactive keynote we will explore a variety of web-based tools and mobile applications to help students mix together a variety of sources and amplify their digital voices.

Slides from Presentation

Studying a Piece of Digital Writing Handout

Our Sample Essays

Wiki Essay
Google Docs Essay
  • Links to provide background for readers
  • It reminds me of the types of writing that they are reading
  • Questions about formatting (MLA) -- citations are built in as links
  • It is more interactive, visual -- provide more meaning
  • Images help make it clear to them -- thinking metaphorically
  • Images can support the student's comprehension
  • Invites the interpretation and analysis -- uses literary terms
  • Formatting of the essay, spacing
  • Images are not quite as consistent -- she just Googled one word and didn't think about the theme
  • Trying to connect the older way of tools
  • Sources of pictures -- where did it come from

  • Sample Text (for Everyone) - make a copy!
  • Feelings as a digital writer
    • Completely cool
    • Layer
    • Transition -- moving from being a writer to a digital writer
    • CCSS -- informational text
    • Inquiry
    • Inspired
    • Learning curve
    • Fine
    • Creative
    • Fun
    • Overwhelmed
    • I don't have to be an expert in everything -- I went to YouTube and found a tutorial
    • Distracting -- if the students are spending more time on finding images or links and less time on actually doing the writing
    • Kids are scared to start writing and allowing them some time to put in the links gives them some confidence to get started
    • It is still communicating as far as the writing process goes -- the writing is higher level because they are introducing images and links appropriately
    • Connecting to literature -- how much do we want them to be able to bring on their own, and how much can be brought in from other sources
    • We don't know what we don't know...
    • They just want to throw anything in there! You have to make sure it is relevant.
  • Digital Videos
    • Old Blair Auditorium Video (on Vimeo)
    • What video creation tools work well for you (on a tight timeline?)
      • Doable
      • Easier
      • Enjoyable
      • Realistic
      • Infinite possibilities
      • Fun
      • Thoughtful
      • Processing
      • Primary
      • Challenging in a good way
      • Projects
        • Read a chapter and show their comprehension
        • Create a review for different parts of a unit/chapter
        • Use it as a visual way to share assignments
        • Jigsaw lots of information
      • Frustrations
        • File format
        • Saving
        • Day to play
        • Time for processing
  • Other possibilities