Keynote: Connected Reading: Apps & Approaches for Digital Texts (9:00-10:30)

external image 51xuhPO0zBL._SX401_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgAs we adopt smartphones and tablets for 1:1 instruction, we need to review our efforts at comprehension instruction for all kinds of digital texts. Based on a survey of over 800 adolescents, we will discuss principles of "Connected Reading" and how we can adapt existing comprehension strategies in digital spaces, as well as explore new opportunities for finding, managing, and reflecting on digital texts.

With print reading, what do we know? What are we comfortable with?
  • Students may want a print version of a digital text in order to annotate
  • I consider myself an adept reader; if I am reading to learn, I need something to write on (can we use writing as a tool to help reading?)
  • Difference between pleasure reading and reading to learn
  • Comfort, smell, touch
  • Doing research, with books, at a library
  • Table of content, index, headings
With digital, what don't we know? What are we uncomfortable with?
  • It hurts my eyes, we are not thinking as deeply
  • I love my Kindle so much, that I try to press on a word in a book to get the definition
  • Hyperlinks -- what happens when we are doing digital reading
  • Text has become disembodied
We do want to value both print and digital reading and literacy skills

Additional Apps and Approaches