Best Practices in Teaching Writing

Resources from the morning.

Challenges in Teaching Writing

  • Skill level (grammar, vocabulary, oral language)
  • Willingness (and ability) to revise
  • Building the classroom community
  • Motivation (intrinsic/extrinsic)
  • Stamina
  • View of self as "write worthy" (lack of experiences)
  • Change in the perceptions of editing

Some Possible Tools

  • Draftback (plugin for reviewing revisions in Google Docs as a video)
  • Sharing student work/portfolios via SeeSaw
  • Responding orally through video with ReCap

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Jigsaw Reading of Best Practices

Digital Storytelling

Defining Digital Storytelling

Sample Digital Stories

  • Narration and words were syncronous
  • What is said and what is shown may be very different
  • Music in the background
  • Volume of music modulated
  • Narration from the person her/himself
  • American pop/Bangladeshi images
  • Many images, included clipped ones
  • Show a still image, then lead into a video
  • Fading in and out
  • Transitions such as pop-ins, slides, fades

Websites and Apps for Digital Storytelling

Multimedia Resources

Additional Resources