Allen Park Professional Development, 2011-12

Session 1: September 15, 2011

Google Docs


Web 2.0


Blogging/Social Networking Resources

Wiki Resources

Initial Thoughts/Questions/Ideas

  • Cory - How can we incorporate technology into hands-on tech work?
    • Some of this has to be mechanical, we have to draw
    • Build a project together with other schools?
    • Are they learning the software or the process?
  • Bob - US History and Government
    • Creativity and efficiency; day to day tasks and work
    • But, what do we lose in the process? How much is too much?
    • Digital divide and access issues; buy in and motivation
  • Tom
    • How can I incorporate this into my classroom? Prep for college/work?
    • Many of our students still do not have access on a regular basis, or their computer is too old
    • Videos, tutorials, and student-created videos
    • Science blogs for cross curricular activities
  • Jimmy
    • How do we reach the kids that are quiet in class? Giving them a chance to be heard, help them drive their own learning.
    • What are the students interested in?
    • Inviting students to ask questions.
  • Robin - French/Spanish
    • Communicating with students from another country, in another language
    • Podcasts - searching for them at home so they can hear authentic language from native speakers around the world
    • Digital storytelling with Camtasia and Photostory; Glogster
    • Access at home?
  • Sharon - Business
    • Skills that students bring to class, both technical and academic
    • Teaching the skills "on paper" to learn the concepts; what is lost when things are only done online?
  • Lisa - Special education
    • Streamline many tasks, help students become organized
    • Have materials available electronically, immediately available for response
  • Chris - Media specialist
    • Bring tools to the classrooms, working with staff to try new technologies
    • Students are taking a class online; facilitating student learning
    • What does it mean to take a class fully online? Blackboard course
    • Posting regularly in an online discussion board
    • Filtering issues (teacher/student access)
    • Motivation - helping students be engaged online, yet connected F2F as well
    • Plagiarism, narcissism, other worries...
    • Expectations for assessment of projects
  • Amy
    • Students coming into the classroom with prior experiences, successes, motivations
    • List of standards that we want them to meet
    • Holding students accountable
    • 4 preps that are different from one another; balancing the time
    • Creating digital portfolios for AP Comp
    • Thinking, speaking, reflecting
  • Roni Rocks!!!!
    • Takes time to get on board
    • Students becoming reliant on the calculator
    • Creating independent thinkers, but scaffolding their learning so they can be independent
    • Helping them communicate with one another
    • Thinking about ways to help facilitate student learning
  • Broader goals and outcomes
    • Setting up a technology blog for APHS
  • How does "writing" fit in?
    • Learning to express an informed opinion in a thoughtful response without resorting to personal attacks
    • Having students "self edit" and revise along the way
    • Learning how to do certain types of writing for different disciplines
      • "Dry" writing for a science lab report
    • Students in industrial tech are writing information/explanation for a younger audience
    • Students get packets in business and make a reference guide for others
    • In math, helping students explain their thinking of a mathematical concept and building vocabulary
    • Collins writing - can take me off topic, how can I rewrite things
      • The writing helps, but it is time consuming
      • Types of writing - Type 1 is a brainstorm, Type 2 is an answer, Type 3 is an elaboration, Type 4 is peer editing, Type 5 is publishing
    • Reading and writing as conversation -- changing purpose, audience, motivation, language
    • How can the technology help us evaluate students' work more efficiently?
    • What do students need to know and be able to do at the next level, both college and work? Helping students identify sources, use databases, write effectively
    • Rewriting notes after class to help me study more effectively - writing to learn

  • Welcome to class, asking students to tell something about themselves
  • Posting assignments and rubrics for students; students reply to teacher post
  • Posting resources for students to link to; creating a "one stop shop" for students
  • Interactive textbook
  • Communication between teachers
  • How-to information
  • Better the initial post, better the responses from students
  • Every student has a blog, and they are posting audio tracks of speaking in a foriegn language
  • Posting multimedia projects (photos, videos)